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The Internet Marketing Business - Avoiding The Rip Off!
Introduction and Welcome
Hello and welcome.

The most likely reason that you've arrived on this web page is because you are wanting to but so far have not achieved success in the internet marketing business. You've either clicked on one of our ads or one of our friends or affiliates has directed you here.

Before launching into the  mini-course, which will show you where you are going wrong and point you in the right direction to achieve the success you deserve, a few words about me and how this course came about.

First and foremost, please understand that I am not an internet marketer. I am a chartered accountant in the UK. For the reasons I outline below I have carried out a detailed review of the internet marketing business with the specific objective of identifying why so many that enter into the business - certainly over 95% and probably well over 99% - fail miserably and give up, thinking that the business is impossible to crack. I have many years - several decades even - of experience helping my clients make the most of their business wealth and an analysis of this type is "bread and butter" to me.

It all started some time ago when a friend of mine, who I'll refer to as Alex, was telling me how he had, for a couple of years, been attempting to establish his internet marketing business, but was getting nowhere with it. He'd tried a dozen or more techniques he'd leant from online training courses. The courses and applying the techniques they taught had, together, cost him what amounted to a small fortune, but he'd generated very little in return - nothing like the huge incomes promised by the courses' sales letters. In fact he was out of pocket, not prepared to put more money into what he was beginning to see as something of a black hole as far as his cash was concerned, cut his losses and give up on the business.

Now, that's so unlike Alex, who was, and still is, a highly successful businessman, that I decided to analyse the business in an effort to identify where he was going wrong.

What I discovered absolutely astounded Alex. At first he didn't believe me, but when he looked into what I told him more closely he was convinced. So much so that he pleaded with me that I should "go public" with what I'd discovered - in fact, had a duty to "go public" with these facts - so that others would not fall into the same traps as he had. Eventually I was persuaded, hence this mini-course.

Before embarking on the course itself, I should highlight two essential points that you must grasp and accept if you are to succeed. My research led me to visiting hundreds of blogs and forums and these two matters cropped up time and time again.

First, people do not seem to think that they need to treat the internet marketing business in the same way as they would an offline (terrestrial, if you like) business. Yes, it's fantastically quick and easy to get into the internet marketing business, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be done properly.

Some, - a very fortunate, extreme minority - may succeed simply by setting up a website and launching their product. That's a "one in a million" chance and for most there's work to be done. Because the online business is not restricted by the constraints of a terrestrial business it doesn't mean that the same planning and care, the same procedures to ensure success, shouldn't be taken. Diving into this idea and then the next, and the next, and so on will lead only to repeated failure. It is essential that you select and plan your business strategy, how you're going to apply it, all the steps along the way - and then follow it through - to the bitter end.

This may seem like a lot of work. That's somewhat at odds with the promises made by a huge number of training courses out there, promises of huge returns for little or no effort' but there're no two ways about it. If you are going to succeed in this business, as with any other, you will have to commit the time and effort necessary. As your business develops you will learn when and how to outsource much of the work, so releasing your time - providing you with the freedom that you are, no doubt, seeking - but don't be fooled. To establish your business will require determination, dedication and application by you. No one owes you success so no one is going to do it for you!

The second point that frequently crops up is that people look at internet marketing as a get rich quick business. They become disillusioned when the fortune they have been "promised" just isn't there in a few weeks, or days even! Provided the business is set up on a sound footing and you gain a reputation for providing your customers with a high level of service and quality of product you will build your business so that it produces a long term, more or less passive income - but if you are looking for get rich quick - no way - look elsewhere. Time and patience are required.

Most internet marketing businesses training courses worth their salt will provide motivational modules to keep you on track and guide you in your expectations - rather than falsely leading you to expect a full bank account in a few days, with little or no effort. - so, enough of that.

Finally before looking more closely at what this mini-course contains, you must have an objective. If you set out on a journey without a planned destination you wander aimlessly, getting nowhere in particular. So with your business, you cannot plan its route if you don't have an objective to plan to reach. When you arrive at your first objective - your first destination - you can plan the next stage of your journey so that, step by step, you will reach a destination - an objective- way beyond your first aims.

You should clearly define your objective and what its attainment means to you. You must give it purpose.

Don't set your internet marketing business objective as producuing an extra $1,000 each week (not a huge amount - an achievable objective - when you reach it you can move it forward) but producing an extra $1,000 each week for some purpose - to put your children through school, to help you pay off your mortgage, so you can give up the "day job", to give you time to (do whatever is your thing) and so on.

When you have set your objective write it down and read it aloud to yourself first thing very morning and last thing every night - and never forget it. Giving purpose to a clearly defined objective will help you plan and keep you on track in your determination to succeed.

So, let's move on to the mini-course, The Internet Marketing Business - Avoiding The Rip Off! For module 1 click here.
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